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Sinus Conditions

A sinus infection, or sinusitis, often occurs with asthma. In fact, more than half of the people suffering from asthma are also suffering from chronic sinusitis. Asthma is already a difficult experience, and sinusitis complicates matters. If not treated effectively, it could stay for several months and even develop into a worse condition. The good news is that sinusitis, along with asthma, can be treated by using effective and aggressive methods.


Though there are many sinuses in the body, the condition actually targets only the paranasal sinuses, which are located in the face, cheeks and eyes. They are connected to the nasal passages and will moisten and warm up the air that enters into the body. With that in mind, sinusitis is the inflammation of such areas, which will limit the passage of air into the body.

Sinusitis starts when the sinuses are irritated by several outside factors. Such factors are viruses, allergens and bacterial infections. When the sinuses are irritated, they swell up and produce a substance known as mucus. When enough mucus builds up in the passageways, it creates a painful pressure every time a person breathes. Other parts of the body can also feel pain like the hands, upper jaw, neck and the area around the eyes. With that, the most prominent symptom of a sinus infection is a headache. Other symptoms include drowsiness, lethargic movement, sore throat and severe cough.


Fortunately, treating sinus infections is easy to perform. However, it must be done quickly to prevent the disease from worsening. In addition, treating sinusitis can alleviate discomfort, which is usually related to asthma. Steroid nasal sprays are used to reduce the swelling in the affected areas and allow the mucus to drain normally. If necessary, pain killers must be taken to prevent further discomfort.

If a buildup of bacteria is detected in the area, it would be best to take antibiotics to lessen the effects of bacterial infection. If the disease is caused through allergic reactions, the person may have to lessen their exposure to the allergenic substance. In more severe cases where the condition complicates the entire air passage and limits the air supply in the person’s body, medical intervention is needed as quickly as possi
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