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Immunologyis the field of biomedical science that deals with the immune system along with its anatomy and various functions. This part of an important field allows one to understand the various known diseases that could affect the body. These explanations provide information about how the body works and how it defends itself from many diseases.

Immune System

This part of the body acts as the first line of defense for the body whenever the person suffers from any type of disease. It is actually made up of cells that are evenly distributed through the body and works in a coordinated manner to expel any foreign microbes that enter into the body. In fact, the immune system can suppress abnormal growth in thebody like a tumor and even initiate the repair of damaged tissues.

A functioning immune system has the ability to detect any foreign bacteria or any damaged part of the body. Upon detection, it immediatelyactivates and creates a potent barrier that prevents bacteria and parasites from multiplying in the body. Aside from defense, the immune system employs a potent cell known as the leukocytes that can track downand eliminate the infectious disease. General discomfort in the body when sick is a telltale sign that the immune system is purging the body of all unwanted objects.

Immunology and Disease

In immunology, a person can get a better understanding how the entirebody reacts and defends itself from any type of disease. This reaction is important as not all disease has the same effect and would actually target key organs and cells. In addition, one can learn how the medicineand treatment works in tandem with the immune system to rid the body ofthe disease.

In addition, people can get a better understanding of various diseases that are not usually viewed as immunologic in nature like cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. In fact, a thorough understanding of immune responses has great importance for the development of new medical treatments. 


IVIG and SCIG Infusions

IVIG Infusions offered at all our locations. SCIG Infusions also available. Dr. Avshalomov also provides IVIG/SCIG immunoglobulin therapy to treat a variety of immunodeficiencies.

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 How the immune system initiates the fight against infections.


From Dr. Gadi on Coronavirus as of 4/20/20 - FB Post

We will be offering IgM/IgG antibody testing to CoVid-19.

This test will be offered to our patients during their scheduled visits.
Immunity testing may be a valuable tool. Immunity testing helps patients and their families learn if they have immune protection after CoVid-19 infection/exposure.
To date, there is no complete understanding of how, if or what type of immunity people develop after CoVid-19.
As we move past the apex of this pandemic it will become more important to evaluate and understand the human response and defense to this virus.

Please contact the offices in Brooklyn and Port Jefferson for further information.

Thank you,
Dr. Gadi


From Dr. Gadi on Coronavirus as of 3/29/20 - FB Post

Coronaviruses are a family of single-stranded, positive-strand RNA viruses. The coronavirus family consists of pathogens of many animal species and humans, including the SARS(2003 epidemic) and the MERS (2012epidemic). I am writing this article in an attempt to improve the publics' understanding of our current situation. I believe that knowledge is more powerful than propaganda and panic.
Coronavirus was initially described 50 years ago. Its molecular mechanism of replication and pathogenesis had been mostly worked out by the 70s and since then it has been found to be the cause of many infections found inanimals. Various strains of Coronavirus have induced hepatitis in mice,gastroenteritis in pigs, bronchitis in birds and respiratory infections in camels. That said, human Coronavirus has been around for much longer than most people realize. It has been the cause of human infection for many many years. Until recent years Coronavirus did not garnish much attention as HCoV-respiratory infections were typically mild upper respiratory or lower respiratory tract infections rarely resulting in death. Today however human corona viral infections are recognized as some of the most rapidly evolving viruses as a result of their ability to mutate and other environmental factors that have permitted their migration from animal species to humans. Currently, there are at least six human Coronavirus which have been identified. Four of The human Coronavirus (HCoV) strains cause symptoms very similar to the common cold. It is estimated that these strains may account for up to 30% of the common colds in the human population on any given year. The other two HCo-V’s are known as SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. They were the cause of the 2003 and a 2012 Coronavirus epidemics. These two strains were also the first two corona epidemics to cause substantial human loss of life. SARS-CoV1 originated in Guangdong province in China. It manifests as atypical pneumonia with headaches, fever, cough and subsequent life-threatening respiratory failure. From 2002 to 2003 it had spread across 29 countries infecting about 8000 people with a mortality rate of approximately 10%. It is suspected that SARS-CoV1 originated In bats, however, we are still not 100% certain. It has since emerged four times,three outbreaks were attributed to laboratory accidents and once an outbreak in southern China-the source of which is still undetermined. 18years later there is still no vaccine for SARS-CoV1. In 2012 the MERS-CoV epidemic originated in Saudi Arabia, it had the capability of super spreader events with the mortality rate of 35%. MERS-CoV has since been detected in 27 countries and has accounted for approximately 2500 cases with 912 deaths. Eight years later and there is no vaccine for MERS-CoV. Currently, we are involved in a third Coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19, which has dwarfed the previous two. As I reviewed in my previous article, China had described the first case in December of 2019, so it would stand to reason that the first infections occurred in either October or November. I would suspect that there were many elderly who passed away from flu-like symptoms throughout the winter in China and were not diagnosed as CoVid-19 victims. I personally do not subscribe to the theory that this virus was released intentionally and Iam certain that it would not contribute in any way. Our societies find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Remaining in quarantine MAY Slow down the virus, However, prolonged quarantine and economic shut down can result in the destruction of the vibrant society and economy that we need to fight this and future pandemics. I cannot even count the number of times over the last 2 to 3 weeks this has come up in discussions, visits and posts.
The first thing one needs is perspective. As I am writing this the United States has 135,000 diagnosed cases of Coronavirus, approximately 2400 fatalities and 3000 critical cases. What if I told you that while this was going on there was another epidemic in the United States which resulted in 45 million cases, 500,000 hospitalizations and approximately 40,000 deaths, would you be more concerned? The answer should be yes, however, we have as a society unanimously said “No”. The statistics that I refer to in the previous statement are this year’s influenza statistics for the United States. The World Health Organization estimates that in any given year influenza kills between 290,000 to 650,000 people and that is despite vaccinations, medications and experience which are effective against influenza, yet we do not panic. Do not misinterpret this as minimizing the current CoVID-19 epidemic however perspective is necessary to address problems appropriately. Most of our panic comes from fear, and most of our fear comes from the unknown so if we wish to address this matter seriously we must take that into consideration and use what we do know to our advantage-both on the personal level and the societal level. We know that COVID-19 primarily kills the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions. In addition, a recent study evaluating Iceland‘s population indicates that the infection fatalities rate of COVID-19 might correspond to approximately 0.05%. They have been able to obtain this by observing strict quarantine of the elderly and vulnerable, thus shielding the population from death. We should most likely do the same strict quarantine of the most susceptible individuals(People 60 years and older and people younger than those who have underlying medical conditions). This could be the most prudent way to save their lives. People who are younger than 50 and otherwise healthy should eventually head back out into society( when instructed by public health officials) so that our communities can start developing herd immunity in the lowest risk population. For that population, there will be some return to normalcy and as the elderly will be quarantined they will not be occupying hospital beds which will be available to any younger individual who might develop complications. For patients between the ages of 50 and 60 testing and screening will help them make the safest possible choice of quarantine or not. The only known way to beat a virus for which you have no treatment or vaccine is herd immunity. What I am proposing is “selective herd immunity”. It should be a process by which population groups are returned to normal activity. Physicians should be educated on the risk factors and then screen every individual and advise them on the appropriate action. All those individuals quarantined should be tested for antibodies against COVID-19. Those who have positive antibodies had already been infected and resolved the infection naturally, they too may return to normal life. Schools should open as children are the lowest risk category for corona and the teachers will have all been pre-screened by their physicians. I believe that this will all happen eventually as there’s only so long that we can hide in our houses. As I understand it, there may only be two outcomes-either this virus spontaneously disappears from the whole planet which is not likely to happen or society starts to develop immunity to it. Unfortunately, that is a biological process that cannot be carried out by governments or drug companies. I am not convinced that there will be a vaccine available within the next year. We have still failed to produce vaccines for the Corona epidemics of 2002 and 2012. That said each individual also needs to take their own precautions so that if they should get infected they have the best chance of a good outcome. Things that can be done are the same things that many of us have known about for many years. If you have a chronic condition you should make sure that you’re managing it as best you can: control your blood pressure work on your vascular system (Don’t smoke or Vape) control your diabetes, treat your asthma and address immunological problems. Eat a healthy diet, drink clean water, stay calm and positive, make sure to laugh and love a little bit each day- that is the best medicine.
To be clear this is my understanding and opinion on this matter. However, all citizens should follow direct instructions from our public healthcare officials as they are the only ones with all the data in their hands currently
I assure you, we will get through this a smarter and stronger species with a greater appreciation for our health,our family, our community and the society that we have all taken for granted.

I wish you all the best of health!
Dr. Gadi


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