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Immunologyis the field of biomedical science that deals with the immune system along with its anatomy and various functions. This part of an important field allows one to understand the various known diseases that could affect the body. These explanations provide information about how the body works and how it defends itself from many diseases.


Starting March 24th 2021, we will be offering monoclonal antibody therapy for patients suffering from active COVID-19 infections.
In order to keep the offices sterile from Covid these infusions will be carried out in a drive-through manner, in the patients' vehicles accompanied by at least one family member. There will be no charge for medication as we are working in conjunction with New York State in an attempt to improve the well-being of our communities. Patients will have to register with the practice and may be responsible for a visit co-pay/deductible only.
Monoclonal antibody therapy will be given to patients with symptomatic COVID-19 infections and it has been shown to dramatically reduce hospitalizations and mortality from COVID-19. Please be patient with our staff and facilities while we incorporate new protocols which enhance the safety, well-being and delivery of care to all the members of our community.
Thank you
Dr. Avshalomov)

Immune System

This part of the body acts as the first line of defense for the body whenever the person suffers from any type of disease. It is actually made up of cells that are evenly distributed through the body and works in a coordinated manner to expel any foreign microbes that enter into the body. In fact, the immune system can suppress abnormal growth in the body like a tumor and even initiate the repair of damaged tissues.

A functioning immune system has the ability to detect any foreign bacteria or any damaged part of the body. Upon detection, it immediately activates and creates a potent barrier that prevents bacteria and parasites from multiplying in the body. Aside from defense, the immune system employs a potent cell known as the leukocytes that can track downand eliminate the infectious disease. General discomfort in the body when sick is a telltale sign that the immune system is purging the body of all unwanted objects.

Immunology and Disease

In immunology, a person can get a better understanding how the entire body reacts and defends itself from any type of disease. This reaction is important as not all disease has the same effect and would actually target key organs and cells. In addition, one can learn how the medicine and treatment works in tandem with the immune system to rid the body of the disease.

In addition, people can get a better understanding of various diseases that are not usually viewed as immunologic in nature like cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. In fact, a thorough understanding of immune responses has great importance for the development of new medical treatments. 


IVIG and SCIG Infusions

IVIG Infusions offered at all our locations. SCIG Infusions also available. Dr. Avshalomov also provides IVIG/SCIG immunoglobulin therapy to treat a variety of immunodeficiencies.

Please fill out our website contact form and we will contact you with more information. 


 How the immune system initiates the fight against infections.


From Dr. Gadi on Coronavirus as of 4/20/20 - FB Post

We will be offering IgM/IgG antibody testing to CoVid-19.

This test will be offered to our patients during their scheduled visits.
Immunity testing may be a valuable tool. Immunity testing helps patients and their families learn if they have immune protection after CoVid-19 infection/exposure.
To date, there is no complete understanding of how, if or what type of immunity people develop after CoVid-19.
As we move past the apex of this pandemic it will become more important to evaluate and understand the human response and defense to this virus.

Please contact the offices in Brooklyn and Port Jefferson for further information.

Thank you,
Dr. Gadi



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